Delizia Olives Are Back – With Two New Kinds To Try!

delizia_olives_2016-11Big store news is that olives are back and we have 2 new flavors: Lemon-stuffed Manzanilla olives, and Pitted Queen Olives “La Abuela” recipe. They are both delicious!!!

Serving ripe Spanish olives stuffed with lemon is the custom in Seville. Our large lemon-stuffed Manzanilla olives make an excellent addition to cocktails, salads, tapas and antipasto assortments.

Just like your imaginary Spanish Grandma (“La Abuela”) used to make, firm and fleshy pitted Queen olives are marinated with a mix of julienne-cut Spanish onions, herbs, and chunks of garlic in olive oil.

Rory says: We’re excited to offer these two new types of gourmet olives to our customers. They are a delicious spicy treat on their own, but we’ve also been adding them to different appetizer and cocktail recipes, and dreaming up all the ways we’d like to serve them.

Now if I can just keep the staff (well, and keep myself, if you must know) from eating them all.

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14 Responses to Delizia Olives Are Back – With Two New Kinds To Try!

  1. Janet Foisie says:

    How do I order your lemon stuffed manzanilla olives???????????

  2. Christina Peckham says:

    I had the Delizia Pitted Queen Olives “La Abuela” Recipe olives for the first time last weekend and they were outstanding! By far the best olives I’ve ever had!!! Do you guys have those in stock?

  3. Annie Reed Harrison says:

    Could you please tell me how much are the Delizia Olives stuffed with garlic? Do they come in a larger size?

  4. Susan B says:

    I’ve had both of these flavors as well as garlic stuffed and almond stuffed. My favorites are the lemon stuffed but they are all delicious! These are the best olives Available, hands down.

  5. Dana Collins says:

    I have had the pitted olives and love them. I assume they are the same – they are in a different jar. I’ll definitely try them. Can you tell me how much they are and how much shipping is. If you are open this weekend, I’ll go ahead and buy them. Also how much is shipping?

    Dana Collins

    • Rory Brown says:

      Hello Dana,
      We do sell them, they are $11 a jar and shipping is going to be the $13.60 for a medium flat rate box. The jars are pretty heavy so that makes them more costly to ship. If you want to order some, you can call us at 515-868-0808 and we will be able to assist you with your purchase.

      Thank you,
      Rory Brown

  6. Richard says:

    DELIZIA GARLIC STUFFED OLIVES. I live in Anaheim,Ca 92807 I want to buy FOUR jars & have them shipped. WHERE can GeT this done ⁉️

  7. barb kearney says:

    at the almond stuffed olives still available? If so am I able to order direct from you and how many do I have to buy and est. price?

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