Cooking with AllSpice mushrooms

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on AllSpice’s gourmet mushrooms.¬† Small but packed with rich flavor, dried mushrooms are a cook’s secret ingredient: they add texture and a deep, fragrant flavor to sauces, soups, and stews, to risottos and pasta dishes and more.


morel_mushroomsHow do you use them? First, hydrate dried mushrooms in your choice of liquid. Hot water works fine, but broth, red or white wine, beer, or other liquid is even better, as the mushrooms take on some of the flavor of the hydrating liquid.

Then, after the mushrooms soak (for at least 15 minutes), drain them, reserving the liquid. Give one of the pieces a little taste: if it is gritty, you’ll need to rinse the mushrooms after soaking. After that, use them however you would normally use fresh mushrooms. The reserved liquid can be used in deglazing saute/fry pans, or reduced in a sauce, added to soup, etc.

You can also leave the mushrooms dehydrated: grind them in the blender or food processor to add a little umami to other dishes, in barbecue rubs, and in sauces. You can even make ground dried mushrooms into a unique pesto with sauteed onion, garlic and herbs.

shiitake_mushroomsWhat do I cook with them? You can use dried mushrooms in lots of ways:

  • soak, drain and use in place of fresh mushrooms
  • mince and add to stuffing, rice, potatoes, or other soft foods for extra umami
  • saut√© mushrooms and serve with steak
  • rehydrated, sauteed, and tossed with pasta
  • in your Chicken Marsala
  • perfect in risotto
  • the texture of rehydrated Shiiatake (pictured, right) mushrooms are a fantastic base for a vegan chili
  • make a mushroom salt blend (for burgers, steaks, pizza) by grinding dried mushrooms with some coarse sea salt

You can try our Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms in this week’s Saturday Samples. Check out the full variety of gourmet mushrooms in the shop, or browse our online store.


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