AllSpice Salt-Free Rubs and Blends

We’ve had a flurry of inquiries lately about which of our products are salt-free.

All of our spices, herbs, chilies, vinegars and olive oils are pure and unadulterated with salt or other preservatives. Many of our Rubs and Blends are as well.

Here is a list of Salt-Free Blends:

Bourbon Pepper
Chinese Five-Spice
Curry Powder- HOT
Curry Powder – MILD
French Seafood
Garam Masala
Greek Seasoning
Herbed Poultry Seasoning
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Mexican Blast Seasoning
Pickling Spice

You can also check for salt-free products in our online store. Starting next week, if you visit our online shop, and select “By Cuisine,” you can select “Salt Free,” which will give you a complete list of salt-free products.

Do you have any favorite recipes, or hints and tips for cooking salt-free? Please share your expertise in the comments, below, or at the Submit Your Recipe link. We’d love to hear your good ideas!

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