AllSpice Owners Mark Four-Year Shop-iversary

Allspice-Rory-AndyThis week marked a big milestone for us here at the store.

On June 20th, we celebrated the four-year anniversary of Rory Brown and Andy Haning-Brown purchasing AllSpice.

When the couple bought the shop from their friend, AllSpice co-founder Jennifer Rhoads, in 2013, Rory had already been the manager of the East Village store for several years.

The change in ownership was more like a gentle continuation of the traditions of knowledgeable and good-humored culinary help.  With the help of our hand-picked staff, we still adhere to co-founder Alex Rhoads’s tag line, “Spices. Smells. Samples. Sarcasm.”

Reflecting on the milestone, and all that has happened since the summer of 2013, AllSpice owner Rory Brown mused,

Four years? It definitely does not seem like it has been that long at all. On the other hand, so much has changed here: dozens of new things have been added to what we offer at the store. Most of the staff that started with us when the store first opened in 2010 have long since retired. More recent hires have become the familiar faces here.

“As the ways we connect with our friends and customers have changed, we have stepped up our social media game. We’ve entered the world of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. As we look ahead to the coming years, we look forward to creating some videos on cooking to add to the mix. Whatever we do, and whatever medium you choose to connect with us, we plan on continuing to have a great time working and creating at AllSpice.”

Four years on, AllSpice is still family- and locally-owned. Same name, delicious flavors, knowledgeable staff and (perhaps best of all?) world-class sarcasm.

You can read up on the AllSpice story on this page, and join us this week in wishing Rory and Andy a Happy Shop-iversary!



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