AllSpice Making a ‘Great Day’ For Cooking and Eating

AllSpice owner Rory Brown had a fun invitation recently: local food writer Wini Moranville invited him to join her for her regular cooking segment on morning news show Great Day.

In the video, above, Rory makes a hearty main-dish salad that includes apple, fennel bulb, and toasted pecans over salad greens, topped with a diced chicken breast made with our Berbere Spice Blend.

Wini and Rory also talk about the ease of seasoning your dishes when you keep a salt cellar (or a two-compartment salt-pepper cellar), which, coincidentally, you can find here at the store.

And, though you probably don’t need reminding, Wini and Rory also touch on the fact that taste the balsamics and olive oils at our extensive tasting bar, and check out all of our ingredients whenever you pop in the shop. All our recipes, and descriptions of all our products (and clever blog posts like this, ha) are also accessible, 24/7/365 at

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  1. LA Tezak says:

    This is great, Rory! This was fun to watch! GREAT JOB!

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