A New Look (and New Products) At the Store

Before_the_RearrangingHave you popped into the shop lately? If you’ve stopped in during the last week, you’ve probably noticed that it’s looking quite different.

If you haven’t come over recently (and, seriously, why haven’t you?), we’ve made some changes. And we think they’re for the better!

AllSpice owner Rory Brown explains:

“So we did rearrange the store.  We needed to make some changes and move some things around, to expand some categories. What people are likely to notice when they come in is that the Rubs and Blends have moved. Well, and also the spices, the chiles, and the herbs.

“It may feel a little disorienting if you’re one of our regular customers who came in and went directly to your special ingredient – but the up side is that, now that we have made room, we will have room on the shelves for about ten new products we’ll be adding to our line up!

“There are other, smaller changes, but they are mostly aesthetics and just make things a bit nicer and less cluttered here.”

AllSpice_Ammazza_SuoceraBut speaking of new products in the store, the most recent addition is the Ammazza Suocera spice blend. It’s a special Italian spice blend that we’ve been using in our classes at Cooking With Alessandra. We only got it in this past Friday, and it has been a hit so far. (It is so new, it’s not in the online catalog yet – stop by or call: 515-868-0808 if you need a jar shipped right away).

We will also be coming out with a couple of new gift boxes as well this spring/summer.  We are excited that we’ll get to share all of these new things with our customers and friends, so definitely stay tuned for the new things coming up.

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