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Bear Root Bitters


Bear Root Bitters are created with botanicals (roots, bark, fruit, leaves, and flowers) which are either organic or harvested in the Jackson Hole area, with a focus on sustainable harvesting methods while creating delicious craft bitters. Bitters have been around for centuries and were thought to have health properties. More recently they have become essential in craft cocktail making.
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  • Old Fashioned Bitters The Old Fashioned Aromatic is a blend of gentian, angelica, cinnamon, clove, all spice and many other flavors. Add a few dashes to almost any drink for the depth and complexity your drink deserves.
    Lemon Y Snicket Bitters A blend of lemon, ginger and a few eye-opening mystery flavors. Enjoy with gin, whiskey, or vodka cocktails.
    Orange Bitters A classic punch of citrus. Orange bitters are necessary in a lot of drinks but all that sugar is not. Get that burst of orange from an orange, not from extra sweet artificial additives.
    Habanero Ginger Bitters The first taste is ginger then the spice really kicks in. One dash in any cocktail can activate your palate and 3 dashes can add some serious spice with complex flavor to your food or drink. This is a great way to personalize your spicy margaritas. Make a batch then let each person choose their spice level.
    Cherry Chocolate Rich and smooth cherry flavors with a hint of rose hips. Naturally sweet, full bodied goodness.