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Ayvalik Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ml (12 oz) Bottle


Our Ayvalik Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Turkey, giving it a unique flavor which differs from our other olive oils. It’s made from early harvested fruit, giving it a green, herbaceous aroma and mild intensity, with a subtle, peppery finish.
Good Eats: Vinaigrettes, marinades, general purpose cooking
Perfect Pairs: Virtually every balsamic and wine vinegar
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  • Turkey is a large producer of olive oil, with many varieties of olives grown in the country. Ayvalik is the most common for the region. It’s produced from early harvested fruit, resulting in a mild intensity olive oil with a fresh, green herbaceous aroma. The oil is a perfect mix of fruitiness and pungency, balanced with a nice mix of ripe and green fruity flavors, with a mild, peppery finish.