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Feast Mode: Engage!

Turkey-fixinsYou don’t need a potion to work your magic.

Your superpower did not result from an awful accident in the laboratory.

The shocking transformation does not require a full moon.

A handy can of spinach (canned spinach?!? ugh) can’t account for your amazing strength, either.

All that is required, to change you into a fierce culinary ninja is the knowledge that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

The uniquely American, food-centered holiday is happening tomorrow? By golly, it’s time to shift into FEAST MODE.


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Thanksgiving weekend shop hours

2017-small-business-saturdayJust a reminder: We’ll be closed Thursday, November 23, for Thanksgiving.

You may as well sleep in on Black Friday — we open mid-morning, at 10 am.

Or hit the Friday sales, and then join us the next day, on November 25, for Small Business Saturday in the East Village.

Between the big-ticket mega-deals of Black Friday, and online shopping on what’s come to be called “Cyber Monday,” you might want to check out the second fourth fifth eighth annual Small Business Saturday, November 25, 2017. It’s a day dedicated to supporting small businesses, on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

We promise, “shop small” with us this weekend, and we’ll fill your nose (and shopping basket) with good smells, and fill your heart with happy holiday spirit.

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Come Early, Stay Late: East Village Promenade 2017

AllSpice-Holidays-2017Stop down to the East Village this Friday, November 17, for the official beginning of the 2017 holiday season!

The 16th annual East Village Promenade begins Friday night.

After a long spring and summer of construction, the new parking ramp at East 2nd Street and East Grand Avenue is now open and motorists can park for free from 4 pm to midnight during the Holiday Promenade.

Promenade night officially begins at 5:30, with free horse-drawn trolley rides around the neighborhood offered until 7:30.

AllSpice-Holidays-2017-Anna-greeneryCome early: Santa Claus will visit the Brenton Skating Plaza around 6 pm to light the big Christmas tree, and the skating rink will open for the winter. (From 7-8 pm, Santa will be across the street from us at the LifeServe Blood Center). Groups of carolers and dancers will perform around the neighborhood throughout the evening, indoors and out.

Stay late: AllSpice, and most of our neighbors’ shops, salons, and restaurants will stay open late for Promenade. Many of the participating locations will have holiday treats, festive music, and special promotions. We’ll be sampling our renowned Triple-Ginger Cookies and toasty Mulled Apple Cider throughout the evening at AllSpice.

Come join us Friday evening, and throughout the weekend, as we celebrate the start of the festive season!


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Might as well jump!

AllSpice_Broadjump_ValGo ahead and jump — into holiday baking and gift-giving this weekend.

This weekend, November 17 – 19, AllSpice is offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

What an easy way to stock your pantry with the special ingredients you need for making holiday cookies and festive desserts!

And what a great way to get the jump on your holiday shopping by choosing the perfect boxed set or gift bag for the friends and family on your gift-giving list.

Take advantage of our offer of free shipping on your online order of $25 or more by entering the code thankful (all lower-case) at checkout.

But hurry! Our holiday head-start free shipping offer is good Friday – Sunday, November 17 – 19 only.




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‘Grills Gone Wild’ — With Our New Wild Game Rub

Are you ready to “up your game” in the kitchen? Wild game, that is.

Whether you are a seasonal hunter (or are friends with someone who is a hunter), this is a great time of year to try your had at cooking with wild game like pheasant, wild turkey, duck or venison.

Why wild game? For one, game meat is out of the ordinary, something different to learn to cook and serve. What’s more, wild game is pretty much the definition of paleolithic eating — lean, low in fat, high in protein — and generally free from antibiotic or hormone treatments or additives.

Not down for the hunt? But what can you do if you don’t have the inclination or time to hunt for wild game? Although it technically doesn’t count as “wild game” if it’s not caught, you know, in the wild, some traditionally wild game animals (such as rabbit, elk and bison) are now raised on farms and ranches, making those meats available for purchase from farmers’ markets and grocery stores.


Cooking game meat, or GRILLS GONE WILD

Lean in. Wild game animals graze and browse in the forest and the fields, and their necessary active “lifestyle” means that the are lean and well-muscled, with way less fat than livestock that have been bred for a sheltered, sedentary existence. Even grocery-store farm-raised game meat will be more lean than its confinement operation cousins.

Low, slow, stew or brew. Adjust your cooking habits to compensate for making a this leaner cut of meat, taking care that it does not overcook. Use your slow cooker, do a long marinade before you grill, make a stew, or — our favorite — add some extra fat (bacon! sausage! butter!) to the dish. For a juicier dish, wrap roast or steak in foil for initial cooking, then remove and grill to taste.

Intense flavor for sophisticated tastes. Wild game has a stronger, more intense flavor than blander-tasting domesticated meat. Some stronger-flavored herbs and spices may be the best match for your game meat recipes.

It’s all (on) the game. We recommend our Wild Game Rub. A versatile blend is aromatic and savory, enhancing the flavor of all sorts of wild game. Try Wild Game Rub on lamb, poultry, bison, or even just on some burgers or steaks before you toss them on the grill.

Add a generous spoonful of Wild Game Rub ($6.80 for a 1/2 Cup jar) to your marinade of red wine, olive oil, or lemon juice, or use on its own as a dry rub.

Whether your recipe is wild or farm-raised, Wild Game Rub is sure to become a staple for your hearty dishes.

Wild Game Rub contains: Spices, Garlic, Salt, Chiles, Onion, Turbinado Sugar, and Juniper Berries.

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