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Aji Amarillo Chile, Powder


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In Peruvian cooking, the Aji Amarillo chile is everywhere, but especially in soups and sauces. Try Aji Amarillo in salsa, ceviche, pickling, sauces, or even a simple rice dish, to add color and a rich new flavor.
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  • Still obscure in the United States, but ubiquitous in South America, Aji Amarillo chiles are Peru's "national ingredient," and feature prominently in Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine.
    The Aji Amarillo [or "yellow"] chile pepper ripens from sunshine yellow to deep orange, and brings moderate to strong heat [40K Scoville units!]. When it is dried, the fruity flavor of the Aji Amarillo chile is more subtle than that of the poblano [Ancho] chile - more full-bodied, reminiscent of raisins and sun-dried tomatoes. One food writer said of the Aji Amarillo, "It tastes like sunshine."