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African Bird's Eye Pepper


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The African Bird's Eye Pepper, also called peri-peri or piri-piri, is a little bitty chile with a great big bite. At about 150,000 Scoville units, they pack a punch!
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  • You can perhaps tell a lot about a chile by learning its nicknames. In addition to the musical-sounding Swahili name, above, the African Bird's Eye Pepper is also known as the African Devil [!]. Native to the Sudan, the African Bird's Eye pepper is very popular today in Southeast Asia. The chile is used as a spice, and as a fiery condiment, in Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Laotian, Indonesian, and Filipino cuisine.
    Use the African Bird's Eye Pepper in Thai curries, chilis, or braised meats. This chile is also used to flavor vinegar, which is then sprinkled on dishes as a hot and sour condiment. Try African Bird's Eye Pepper in corned beef hash, or to add a hot twist to a simple meal of beans and rice. For the strong of heart, use as a substitute for cayenne.