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Book-A Busy Cook's Guide to Spices


In over 50 years as an adult, you will prepare over 18,250 dinners. Here are numerous ideas on how to enhance the 10-20 standard meals you prepare using any of the more than 100 different flavorings listed. Most recipes are designed for quick preparation and can be prepared without changing your shopping habits
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  • In A Busy Cook's Guide to Spices you will see how easy it is to:
    • Spice a meat or vegetable you already have on hand and prepare a meal by using one of the many Preparation Ideas listed.
    • Create new taste sensations through the better knowledge and use of spices.
    • Avoid running to the store by using one of the many handy substitution lists.
    • Prepare foods in healthier ways.
    • Know what to look for when busying produce and meats.
    • Spice and distinguish among different kind of pasta, mushrooms, beans, and more.
    • Correct errors in cooking without starting over.
    • Mix your own spice blends for Chinese, Italian, Southwestern or other flavors.
    • Dazzle friends with interesting folklore about spices and their origin and uses.
    • Pick a wine to accompany your newly spiced meal.
    • Use the Equivalency Chart for measuring, baking and size conversions.