Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic

Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic

This white balsamic vinegar was the pick of AllSpicer Eva, who was adamant that we should start stocking it. We're so glad she insisted - it's a wonderful addition to our range of balsamic vinegars. Here's why:

The lemongrass in our Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic Vinegar adds a simple herbal flavor to the mix while the mint adds a balancing sweetness. Add a splash to Asian recipes that prominently feature fresh ginger, to balance the ginger's spiciness, or add a spoonful to dishes that could use a contrast to the sweet taste of coconut milk.

Crisp, cool and tart, Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic Vinegar tastes like summertime in a bottle. A light blend of Thai Lemongrass and barrel-aged Italian white balsamic, this herbal-tart vinegar also has a little “kiss” of cooling mint.

Dress a slaw or salad of cabbage, sesame seed and cilantro in a vinaigrette of Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic (with Sesame Seed Oil or a single-varietal Olive Oil). Top thinly-sliced beef, or fresh seafood or shellfish, with a drizzled reduction of Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic. Add a tablespoon to your pork or poultry marinade recipe. Toss noodles or make a dipping sauce for lettuce wraps or spring rolls with this bright and bracing white balsamic vinegar.

Look to Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic as your “secret ingredient” for adding flavor to desserts and beverages: a south-Asian-influenced Mojito, an iced green tea, simple sorbet, or even the easiest drink of all: to flavor bubbly club soda. Stop by our oils and vinegars tasting bar, and taste for yourself why we think it’s such a great addition to our balsamics offerings.

Perfect Pairs: Any light-flavored single varietal olive oil, or match with Eureka Lemon, Persian Lime, Basil, or Harissa Olive Oil

375 ml Glass Bottle  $14.75 
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