Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Vinegar

Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Vinegar

The 'Gravenstein' apple has a tart flavor. In the Northern Hemisphere it is picked in July and August and is heavily used as a cooking apple, especially for apple sauce and apple cider. It does not keep well, so it is available only in season.

In Austria, Gravensteins are used for the production of high-quality brandy (Obstler) that is particularly popular in the southern Steiermark.

In the United States, Gravensteins are found most widely on the west coast, and in particular, around the Sonoma County, California, town of Sebastopol. Luther Burbank praised the apple, "It has often been said that if the Gravenstein could be had throughout the year, no other apple need be grown."

We are pretty proud to be offering the Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic for a limited time which blends the great Gravenstein flavor with our premium white balsamic vinegar. It mixes well with rosemary or basil olive oils for a great salad dressing. Pair with the cayenne or chipotle olive oils to make a spice slaw or kimchi. Reduce it down and glaze a pork loin or ham. Would be a tasty addition to a fruit salad as well. And don't forget just a splash in some champagne will lift your spirit to new heights.

Balsamic Vinegar is a delicious aged vinegar, prized for its sweet-tart, concentrated flavor. We offer you the very best Balsamic Vinegars that we import directly from the rolling hills of Modena, Italy, where true balsamic vinegars have been produced since the Middle Ages.

True balsamic vinegar is not made from wine, as you might expect, but rather from pressed, un-fermented Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. The pressed grapes are simmered over an open flame, and reduced to a thick syrup. This sweet syrup is in turn fermented twice, then slowly aged and evaporated in a succession of smaller and smaller barrels, made from different aromatic woods. As the balsamic vinegar ages, moisture evaporates out, and the vinegar thickens and its complex flavors become more concentrated.

Balsamic Vinegar has many culinary uses, including salad dressings, dips, marinades, reductions and sauces. Try a splash of balsamic vinegar to enhance steaks, fish, egg dishes -- even fresh fruit, and on ice creams, gelati and desserts. Buon Appetito!

375 ml Glass Bottle  $14.75