Garlic, Roasted

Garlic, Roasted

Garlic comes from a lily-like plant, and is a cousin to similar-tasting onions, chives, leeks and scallions. The bouquet of garlic is harsh, penetrating and lasting. The whole [unchopped] clove has no aroma. Raw garlic's flavor is sharp and acrid, and can be overpowering if used to excess. Cooked garlic has a familiar, almost nutty, mellow flavor that makes it an important cornerstone of cuisines around the world.

Garlic has been cultivated for so long, that it is impossible to determine precisely its place of origin, though it is generally considered native to Asia. Garlic is recorded in Egypt from the earliest times and was eaten by the builders of the Pyramids, and ancient Greeks and Romans called it "The Stinking Rose," a name which endures today. Arab legend holds that garlic grew from the Devil's footprint as he left Eden. The most famous garlic folklore is its association with vampires [more Bram Stoker than Robert Pattinson, if you please].

All our garlic products bring the delicious flavor of garlic to your cooking projects. Powdered, granulated, or minced, our garlic products are easy to use when cooking, full of flavor but will not spoil -- and will not leave a garlic smell on your fingers!

For our roasted garlic: roasting garlic dispels the more pungent aspects of garlic's smell, and a mellow, rich, nutty sweet garlic flavor remains. 1/8 tsp roasted garlic = 1 fresh garlic clove. The granulated texture of our roasted garlic lends itself well to creation of spice rubs for steak, as it sticks easily to meats.

Add roasted garlic to any recipe that calls for garlic or roasted garlic. Enjoy the robust flavor of roasted garlic while still enjoying a smooth textured food. Keeping roasted garlic on hand in your pantry saves preparation time, and alleviates the lasting garlic smell on your hands.

1.7 oz. 1/4 Cup jar  $3.55 
3.2 oz. 1/2 Cup jar  $5.35 
3.2 oz 1/2 Cup bag  $4.55 
1.9 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $2.25 
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3.0 oz. 1/2 Cup Bag  $2.60 

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