Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend

Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend

In the words of an old friend I must say, "See what I did there?" Just like some of those other greats who have their names on delicious breakfast sausage, I felt it was only appropriate to follow suit.

I grew up on a farm in southeast Iowa and remember how tasty it was when we would get fresh pork sausage from the local locker. I've searched high and low for great tasting sausage like that, but without all of the other added stuff like preservatives and sugar. I couldn't find anything I was happy with, so I set out to create my own. Twenty to thirty trial batches later, I'm happy to offer the winner, a blend of spices I'm proud to put my name on, the Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend.

The blend features a tasty sagey-country sausage flavor, with bit of salt, pepper, savory, and chile flakes for a small kick. To make your own delicious sausage, start with 1 Tbsp of the Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend and mix it with 1 lb of ground pork, chicken, or turkey. The best utensil to use is your hands (wash 'em first)! In addition to making sausage, you can also add a dash or two to your sausage gravy to enhance the flavor, add it to eggs, or use it as a rub on a pork loin or pork chops before baking. Like fried chicken? Add a little of this delicious seasoning to your flour coating for a flavorful surprise.

If you're feeling adventurous with your sausage, add a little of our Pig Powder or Maple Sugar Powder to give breakfast a little twist. Mmmmm.

Ingredients: Salt, savory, cayenne, sage, black pepper

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