Quebec Steak Seasoning

Quebec Steak Seasoning

Montreal, Quebec, is famous for its coarse-ground roasting spice mixtures for chicken and beef.

Quebec Steak Seasoning is derived from the dry-rub mix used in preparing Montreal smoked meat, which itself is adapted from pickling mixes originally used in Eastern Europe and Romanian Jewish cuisine. Those culinary traditions were brought to Quebec in the early twentieth century, and made popular by Schwartz's Deli in the 1940's, which added the pickling spices to their steaks.

A chunky blend of dill, coriander, pepper and other spices that truly enhance the flavor of steak, our Quebec Steak Seasoning is a fabulous blend for beef or pork. Also wonderful in pot roasts and beef stews, Quebec Steak Seasoning even pairs well with poultry. Marinate good steaks in red wine and a heavy coating of Quebec Steak Seasoning for 30 minutes before grilling for a carnivorous treat.

Ingredients: Salt, garlic, pepper, crushed chiles, other spices

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