Pig Powder

Pig Powder

Pig Powder Rub captures the distinctive flavor of Memphis-style barbecue, sweet and hot all at the same time. Developed to be a perfect companion to BBQ pork, but also extra-tasty on chicken.

Memphis, Tennessee, sits at the confluence of the Mississippi and Wolf rivers, right where Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi meet. Home to blues music and early rock'n'roll, Memphis is also celebrated as a culinary epicenter for fantastic barbecue.

Memphis-style barbecue is always pork, primarily ribs, and occasionally pulled pork shoulder for sandwiches. Ribs are cut in the "St. Louis style," and seasoned before cooking with a dry rub like our Pig Powder Rub.

Pig Powder Rub uses the base of all good Memphis-style rubs - paprika, which bestows that red, rich color and robust sweet-hot flavor. Use our Pig Powder Rub for perfect Memphis-style ribs using this simple technique: liberal application to the meat, and long, slow cooking over a low, steady heat.

Try Pig Powder Rub on pork ribs, Boston butts [for pulled pork], on picnic hams, and shoulder roasts. Don't be stingy - pack it on for great flavor - make a paste with one of our citrus olive oils, rub, and grill.

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, paprika, chile powder, garlic, rice concentrate, pepper, cayenne, other spices

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