Mexican Blast Blend

Mexican Blast Blend

Mexican food is the best-selling ethnic food in the United States. Mexico is our next-door neighbor to the south, and its warmer climate makes it the home to luscious fruits, fiery chiles, and all manner of sunny herbs. It's no wonder that we would adopt and adapt so many of the flavors of Mexican cuisine into our own home cooking as well.

Our Mexican Blast Blend is a vivacious mix of Mexican oregano, chipotle, and pepper flakes. This true Southwestern flavor adds smoke and heat to any dish. Top your next pizza with a sprinkle of Mexican Blast Blend, or dress up a salad by making a quick vinaigrette with 1/2 tsp of this seasoning in the bottle with the vinegar and oil. Pasta becomes un poco caliente when you add some Mexican Blast Blend to the pasta sauce.

Try Mexican Blast Blend in a marinade for shrimp: mix it with our Persian Lime oil, lime juice, and vodka. Toss a fresh fruit salad of pineapple, mango, and melon with a little Mexican Blast Blend for a zesty balance of sweet and hot.

Ingredients: Chile flakes, chipotle chile flakes, Mexican oregano, Mediterranean oregano

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