Hickory Barbeque Blend

Hickory Barbeque Blend

"When you say Hickory, some folks' thoughts turn to President Andrew Jackson, nicknamed "Old Hickory" for his tough and aggressive persona. An 1820s Chuck Norris, Old Hickory was a fighter of duels, a self-taught frontier lawman, and outspoken enemy of the moneyed political establishment. What he lacked in pedigree and political finesse, he made up for in larger-than-life appeal to the common man.

[His supporters, unaccustomed to "one of their own" achieving a position of power, were so enthusiastic at Jackson's 1829 Presidential inauguration, that they mobbed the White House, standing on furniture, breaking plates, and refusing to leave until bowls of liquor were placed on the White House front lawn!]

Much more mellow, and far less controversial, our Hickory Barbecue Spice Blend appeals to everyone, from culinary establishment elites to backwater barbecue bumpkins. The big-as-all-outdoors hickory smoke combines with tasty garlic (and just a little sugar and salt) to bring down-home delicious campfire flavor to your favorite dish.

A great stand-alone rub, and a solid starter for making your own custom bbq sauce, Hickory Barbecue Blend is a delicious addition to beef, chicken, pork, fish. Even (gasp) green vegetables taste great with a little olive oil and Hickory Barbecue Blend. Whatever dish you're cooking, a sprinkle of Hickory Barbecue Blend is sure to spark a riot of popular appeal -- without trashing the house or having to put punch bowls in the yard.

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, garlic, natural smoke flavor, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide

2.3 oz 1/4 cup jar  $4.10 
3.8 oz 1/2 cup jar  $5.55 
3.8 oz 1/2 cup bag  $4.75