Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend

Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend

Looking for a new way to turn a simple supper into something new and different? Try our Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend to transform a simple roasted chicken into a sumptuous main dish.

Starting with a base of coriander and black pepper, the addition of thyme, marjoram and parsley creates a savory herb mix that works wonderfully with pork, fish, chicken, and turkey. Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend is salt-free, but packs plenty of vibrant flavor into a small package.

Use Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend as a dry seasoning, sprinkling on the surface of a boneless-skinless chicken breast or fish fillet. Or, if you like, make a quick wet rub of our Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend: mix a generous scoop of the herb blend with 1/2 Cup of our Lemon Olive Oil. Cover entire bird thoroughly with the mixture and refrigerate at least one hour. Bake, roast, or grill as usual. You'll be amazed at the results!

Ingredients: Thyme, sage, pepper, coriander, marjoram, parsley

0.6 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $3.00 
1.0 oz. 1/2 Cup Jar  $5.10 
1.0 oz. 1/2 Cup Refill Bag  $4.30