Gusto Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend

Gusto Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend

Make your own restaurant quality pizza with this local blend created by the guys at Gusto Pizza Co. Made with basil, fennel seed, garlic, onion, season salt and black pepper. Great in sauces, sandwiches, spreads, and of course over the top of your hot and delicious (Gusto) pizza. Add this blend to the some extra virgin olive oil for a great bread dipper, sprinkle on your garlic bread for an extra burst of flavor. Try it in your Italian Wedding Soup, if you are like us, you will sprinkle it on everything for that delicious Italian flavor.

Ingredients: Basil, fennel seed, garlic, onion, seasoning salt, black pepper

1.3 oz 1/4 cup jar  $3.75 
2.2 oz 1/2 cup jar  $4.75 
2.2 oz 1/2 cup bag  $3.95 

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