Espresso Rub

Espresso Rub

I had an uncle Henry who used to put ketchup on virtually food put before him. Eggs, meatloaf, green beans, it didn't matter what, Uncle Hank put ketchup on everything. My father teased that he was surprised that Uncle Hank didn't put ketchup in his coffee -- a challenge that caused my uncle to put a dollop of Heinz in his Maxwell House, stir, and drink it down to the last drop. That man loved his ketchup, and was always up to the challenge of using it in new ways.

So it is with us and espresso. We drink "straight" it as a beverage. We infuse brownies and homemade ice cream with espresso. We mix it with sea salt for our delicious Espresso Brava Salt [delicious on chocolates and drinks, btw]. We treat espresso as its own special "food group," and a day without espresso is, for us, like a day without sunshine.

Now we have one more delicious way to indulge in our unyielding love of espresso, in our espresso rub. We add ground espresso beans to herbs and spices, for an unexpected zing to any steak, whether it's a T-bone or swordfish.

Espresso Rub adds a robust touch to grilled veal, chicken, pork and shrimp, and is even tasty on vegetables [if you include that food group in your nutrition regimen]. Use espresso rub on meats by shaking liberally onto all surfaces of the steak, bird, or roast. Other rubs should be administered 1-2 hours before cooking, but espresso rub needs only 30 minutes to 1 hour of advance seasoning.

For a fun twist, try a tablespoon of our espresso rub in your next pan of brownies to pump up the flavor.

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, pepper, espresso powder, onion, paprika, cayenne

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