Chile-Coffee Rub

Chile-Coffee Rub

Chile-Coffee Rub It sounds like a curious coupling - coffee and chiles - but when you taste our unique chile-coffee rub, you'll agree that this pairing is the one to pick for roasting and grilling a wide variety of your favorite meats.

Chile-Coffee Rub is our own special blend of salt, ground chiles, brown sugar, espresso beans, spices, paprika, and mustard.

The light heat of the chiles is a perfect complement to the deep, delicious coffee flavor, which brings out an extra meatiness in your short ribs, pork roast, beef fillet or steak. This rub is perfect over salmon on the grill, too: the touch of brown sugar will caramelize under high temperatures, offering a slightly sweet crunch. Try with smoked brisket or in baked beans.

Equally well-matched with pork, poultry, beef, or fish, Chile-Cofee Rub has a nice southwest flavor, and is a go-to rub for seasoning fajitas, tacos, carnitas, enchiladas or any Tex-mex dish. It's even a quick and easy base for a sour cream chip-dip! Replace a little of your taco seasoning in your next batch of tacos or the chili powder in your chili. Chile-Coffee rub has coffee so why not try a little with your breakfast omelette or potatoes, too?

Ingredients: Salt, ground chiles, brown sugar, espresso beans, spices, paprika, mustard

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