Cajun Blackening Blend

Cajun Blackening Blend

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Made popular in the 80s by New Orleans' Chef Paul Prudhomme, blackened seasoning is the quintessential spice blend for today's Cajun cook.

Traditionally used on fish, our blackened seasoning is great for grilling or broiling pork, poultry, lamb or steak. Blackened seasoning blend is spiced up a bit with cayenne and paprika, with a hint of thyme.

To use blackened seasoning, put a little oil or butter in a heavy skillet, and heat it on medium-high. Coat the fish, chicken, or other meat [or oil-coated vegetables] with blackened seasoning, and sear in the hot pan. The ideal blackened entree is crisp and peppery on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

This blackened seasoning blend can also be used as a condiment or in cooking anything from eggs, potatoes, and pasta to sandwiches, soups, stews and dressings.

Oo-ee, Maman! C'est si bon!

Ingredients: Spices, paprika, salt, chopped onion, garlic, sugar, canola oil

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