Brining Mix

Brining Mix

What has more herbs and spices than Colonel Sanders' Secret Recipe, and has the amazing power to make you look like a culinary genius?

AllSpice's exclusive Brining Mix, that's what.

What's brining, you ask?

When grilled or roasted, lean meats like poultry and pork tend to quickly dry out. Brine is a salty solution that helps lean meats hold their moisture so they stay juicy and tender during cooking. Brining a bird before cooking makes it juicy. Sugar and spice [and other things that don't fit the old nursery rhyme] are added to the brine solution as well.

Brine helps the turkey retain moisture while itís cooking, working on the meat "from the outside in," keeping the outermost parts of the turkey breast from drying out during its long baking [grilling or deep frying] time.

AllSpice's unique blend of [lucky!] 13 herbs and spices runs the gamut from kosher salt and whole black peppercorns, to ginger and citrus, to bay leaf and rosemary -- with another secret seven ingredients to keep you guessing, and to keep your kitchen smelling delicious. No MSG, dehydrated chicken stock, HFCS, or any other industrial ingredients you'll find in some, ahem, "gourmet" brines on the market.

Simply follow the easy instructions on the label to create the magic mix that transforms ordinary pork or poultry into an extraordinary main dish.

Here are those easy instructions: [Combine 1 Cup Brining Mix + 2 Cups boiling water; cool to room temperature and add 1 additional gallon water. Brine the meat for up to four hours. Rinse, pat dry; cook according to your preferred recipe.]

Each bag contains two cups of brine mix, enough to do one full size turkey, a couple of chickens or several pork roasts and chops.

Ingredients: Sea salt, sugar, black peppercorns, onion, orange peel, garlic, sage, allspice, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, oregano, crystalized ginger

12 oz. Resealable Bag  $9.90