Bourbon Pepper Blend

Bourbon Pepper Blend

When you say bourbon, I think of Kentucky, home to many excellent varieties of aged liquor, and also home to horse racing's Kentucky Derby. The first weekend in May, folks put on their best garden party duds, fire up the grill for some thick steaks, and also mix up some fabulous adult beverages.

Our bourbon pepper blend evokes that spirit of gracious entertaining, a blend of premium green and black peppercorns, melded with herbs, spices, and real bourbon. The mellow green peppercorns counterbalance the sharper black pepper and bring out the delicious flavor of the bourbon.

Bourbon pepper blend is a fantastic rub for steaks, roasts, salmon and tuna, and enhances boiled veggies like green beans. Add a little bourbon pepper to your standard vinaigrette recipe and see if you love its bold taste. Indulging in steak au poivre with our bourbon pepper blend may inspire you to put on a big floppy hat and celebrate Derby Day, all year long.

Ingredients: Black pepper, garlic, green peppercorns, shallots, bourbon

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