Toasted Onion Salt

Toasted Onion Salt

First we take sea salt, and add onion powder. Then, the onion-salt mixture gets toasted, to mellow the delicious flavor. And then…

Well, that's it. Toasted Onion Salt is sea salt, and onion powder… that's toasted. So simple, but oh, so tasty!

Toasted Onion Salt adds a rich finish to any dish, and is the "secret ingredient" in your homemade spice blend or rub.

Use Toasted Onion Salt when fresh onion is unavailable or undesirable (think texture: chunky chopped onion vs smooth Toasted Onion Salt), and to add a touch of onion flavor to casseroles, breads and meat entrees.

Try Toasted Onion Salt sprinkled on vegetables, meat, or seafood before grilling. Give a bit of flavorful crunch to oven-baked chicken, hamburger patties, pastas, salads, even (especially!) sweet corn. Jazz up your comfort food recipes like meat loaf and potato salad with a bit of Toasted Onion Salt, or toss some in your fried chicken breading recipe.

This very versatile salt will add depth to whatever you're serving up.

Ingredients: Sea salt, onion

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