Sriracha Sea Salt

Sriracha Sea Salt

Do you love Sriracha? Sriracha, (pronounced “see-rotcha,”) is a type of chili sauce named for the small coastal Thai town of Si Racha (pop <20,000). Made from a base of of chiles, garlic and vinegar, Sriracha has a Scoville (spiciness) score of about 2,200, equivalent to fairly-mild-but-still-spicy Anaheim chiles.

Americans love their Sriracha. They love it so much, that fans pitched in their own money to bankroll the production of an independent documentary about the beloved hot sauce. They love Sriracha so much, the assembly line at the Huy Fong factory (they are the brand with the familiar rooster on the label) cranks out 3,000 bottles every hour, 24 hours a day, six days a week. Do the math, and that's about 200 tons per week, or 20 million bottles a year.

That’s a lotta hot sauce.

Sriracha Sea Salt has combined the zesty heat of Sriracha sauce with flaky, crunchy sea salt, for a spicy, savory salt. Add a sprinkle of Sriracha Sea Salt to any food for some extra garlicky, chile flavor: ramen and pasta dishes, chicken and burgers, salads and seafood, and especially snacks like roasted nuts and popcorn.

Give a sweet-and-sour spicy boost to your next stir fry, soup, or steak, or kick up an everyday food like breakfast eggs or baked potatoes.

Ingredients: Salt, dried cane sugar, >2% spices, paprika, natural flavors, bell pepper powder, garlic powder, dry pepper flavor (peppers, distilled vinegar, salt), dextrose, tamarind powder, rice concentrate, Worcestershire powder

2.3 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $3.50 
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