Roasted Garlic Salt

Roasted Garlic Salt

Garlic is the go-to spice that stretches across continents and cuisinees from Italy to India, Mexico to the Middle East, and all throughout east Asia.

While using fresh, whole, and raw is a great place to start when cooking from scratch, roasting garlic makes its flavor sweeter and a bit more mild.

Take it a step easier, and break out our Roasted Garlic Salt. A simple blend of sea salt and ground, roasted garlic, this salt is a delicious finishing touch on just about everything.

Use Roasted Garlic Salt as part of your own signature spice blend, on roasted potatoes, in spaghetti sauce and most things Italian. Sprinkle it on your chicken or pork, fresh off the grill, or kick up your Steak DeBurgo one more gloriously garlicky notch!

Use Roasted Garlic Salt to enhance the kinds of dishes you normally cook with roasted garlic: you can spread on bread, pizza, pasta, or season a nicely grilled steak. This salt is as versatile as your imagination.

Ingredients: Sea salt, roasted garlic powder

2.3 oz. 1/4 cup jar  $5.25 
4.6 oz. 1/2 cup jar  $9.20 
4.6 oz. refill bag  $8.20 
16 oz. bag  $17.50 
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