Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt

Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt

Called a “penny bun” by the English, the Porcini mushroom is a prized ingredient in many cuisines, and is eaten in soups, pasta, or risotto. The Porcini’s flavor is nutty and slightly meaty, with a smooth, creamy texture, and a distinctive aroma not unlike sourdough. Used in crepes in France, in risotto in Italy, and in polenta and paella in Spain, the Porcini is a mouth-watering mushroom.

Sound delicious? Take it one step further: we take powdered Porcini mushrooms, and combine it with sea salt, making our Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt a one-two umami-salty treat for your tastebuds.

Use Porcini Salt as a finishing salt on beef, veal, pork, poultry, fish, rice, potatoes, pasta, polenta, popcorn, soup, and cream sauces. Top a simple salad of fresh tomatoes, spice up your bread-dipping oil, and create a fabulous dry rub with Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt.

With its deep mushroom flavor, Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt enhances everything, from fancy steak or salmon to simple egg dishes to just-popped popcorn.

Ingredients: Salt, mushroom powder, natural flavor, onion, garlic

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