Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt

Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt

You could call Peru the pioneer of “fusion cuisine.” Native foods like potatoes, quinoa, corn, beans, and chiles, melded with European foods (rice, beef, pork) brought by Spanish Conquistadors, and other ingredients brought by Chinese laborers as early as the 1600s. Add to that historic stew a range of over two dozen individual climates (from the Andes mountains, to the Pacific coastline, the high plains, and the jungles of the Amazon), and you have a complex, delicious fusion of cultures, climates, and ingredients.

What can you use to bring together all those diverse flavors? We recommend Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt; it’s a smart, simple combination of aji amarillo chiles and citrus flavors at the heart of much of Peruvian cuisine.

Made with natural sea salt, Aji Amarillo chiles (which are native to Peru), and citrus flavors from lime peel and lime juice powder, Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt is mildly spicy, with just a little tartness. It’s perfect for Ceviche, grilled fish or seafood, cooked vegetables and chilled salads of all kinds. Season a fresh salsa with Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt, or use it to rim a chilled glass for a Margarita or a Pisco Sour, the national cocktail of Peru.

Ingredients: Salt, chile powder, >2% lime juice powder, lime leaves, lime peel, citric acid

2.2 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $3.00 
4.0 oz. 1/2 Cup Jar  $4.80 
4.0 oz. Refill Bag  $4.00 
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