Peppercorns, Green

Peppercorns, Green

Green Peppercorns are a milder pepper than the black peppercorn. Green peppercorns' sharp, fruity flavor is fresh and pairs well with other fresh or fruity-tasting foods, including salads, and lightly-cooked vegetables, and in sauces and salsas.

Along with salt, pepper is one of the oldest -- and most used -- spices in the world. Native to the eastern coast of southern India, tellicherry peppercorns were a much-prized trade good, often referred to as "black gold" and used as a form of commodity money. Black pepper was so valuable, it inspired Portugal's efforts to find a sea route to "the Orient" during the Age of Discovery, and consequently to the Portuguese colonial occupation of Asia, as well as the European exploration and colonization of the Americas.

Whole green peppercorns grow on the same plant as the black or Tellicherry peppercorn. In fact, green and black peppercorns are picked at the same stage of ripeness, but black peppercorns are left out to darken and dry, while green peppercorns are not. This difference yields a less intense flavor for the green peppercorn, with a milder aroma and taste.

Green peppercorns figure prominently in French cooking, as well as in Thai cuisine. Green peppercorns are deliciously well suited for poultry and seafood. Try green peppercorns in your pepper grinder, or just crush them in your fingers.

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