Peppercorns, Black Smoked

Peppercorns, Black Smoked

Smoked Black Pepper is a simple improvement on an already simply wonderful spice. We take pecan and oak wood, and cold-smoke black peppercorns. The cold smoking lets the black pepper absorb the pungent flavors, but still preserve its natural black-peppery goodness.

Smoked Black Pepper brings the smoky flavor of a cookout to your meats and poultry, when weather or time concerns rule out using the grill. And Smoked Black Pepper is a great enhancement to grilled fare as well! Smoky but not bitter, Smoked Black Pepper is a fine finishing pepper, and equally well-suited to add to seasoning blends.

Try Smoked Black Pepper with barbecued or braised steaks and meats, on poultry, and sprinkled on egg dishes. Use this special pepper to add contrast to foods that have bold flavors, or to add boldness to more laid-back dishes.

Bloody Marys and vegetable dishes pop with a pinch of Smoked Black Pepper on top.

1.4 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $4.75 
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