Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian red salt, also known as alaea salt, is sought after for its unique color and texture, richness in minerals, and mild earthy flavor.

Harvested via evaporation from Pacific seawater, gathered from the isolated Hawaiian archipelago, Hawaiian red salt is derived by combining sea salt with native alaea clay. The alaea clay in Hawaiian sea salt contains more than 80 minerals, including the iron oxide [FeO2, ferrous oxide, if you can remember back to high school chem class] that gives Hawaiian red salt its red color.

Hawaiian sea salt has been traditionally looked upon as sacred, and is used for ceremonial blessings and the purification of departing canoes. Hawaiian red salt is a cousin to our Hawaiian pink salt, as both derive their color from the alaea clay.

Used as an everyday table salt in Hawaii, Hawaiian red salt is used in traditional Hawaiian dishes like the hilariously named poke. Hawaiian red salt also goes well with animal proteins like fish, prime rib, and pork loin - and looks lovely when sprinkled on cooked vegetables.

Combine Hawaiian red salt with your favorite herbs, and sprinkle on fish, grilled meats, and vegetables.

Ingredients: Salt, volcanic red clay

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