Espresso Brava Salt

Espresso Brava Salt

Think of two of your favorite indulgences. No, not those two. These two: espresso and sea salt. If you like those two things individually, you have got to try our Espresso Brava Salt. Espresso Brava Salt has a unique taste resulting from combining white sea salt from Mexico with espresso beans.

Espresso Brava Salt brings a perfect finishing touch to chocolates and desserts - think how sea salt enhances the flavor of good chocolate, and think again about how espresso is enhanced by chocolate, and vice versa. Sprinkle Espresso Brava Salt on top of just-baked fudge brownies, after the caramelizing sugar on a chocolate creme brulee, or to push homemade chocolate ice cream right over the top.

Try Espresso Brava Salt when you create your next rub or marinade for steak or pork, too. The coffee flavors are a surprisingly good match! When it comes to sauces, little Espresso Brava Salt melds beautifully with cognac reduction, and with flavors of nutmeg, vanilla, anise, hazelnut or raspberries.

Ingredients: Sea salt, espresso beans

1.7 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $4.40 
3.1 oz. 1/2 Cup Jar  $8.00 
3.1 oz. 1/2 Cup Refill Bag  $7.20 
8 oz. 8 oz. Bag  $8.90 
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