Persian Lime Olive Oil

Persian Lime Olive Oil

The Persian Lime, sometimes called the Tahiti lime, is what we in the US know simply as a lime. It is larger, thicker-skinned, less acidic or bitter and less aromatic than the key lime, which is better known in the rest of the world. The bright green flesh, and bracing citrus flavor of the lime is the basis for our delicious Persian Lime Olive Oil.

Ripe Persian Limes and our late-harvest Tunisian Chemlali olives make for an unbelievably fresh, fragrant citrus-flavored oil. Persian Lime oil is wonderfully sweet, but its flavors do not overwhelm other ingredients.

Enjoy Persian Lime olive oil alone as a zesty condiment, and as a tasty finishing touch to fish, vegetables, poultry, pastas and salads. Think of all the different world cuisines that make good use of the lime: Mexican, Thai, South American, Pacific Coast. Use your imagination and incorporate Persian Lime Olive Oil into dishes from these culinary traditions.

Persian Lime Olive Oil is perfect paired with any Mexican dishes, gives a citrus touch to spicy Thai, and is delicious when paired with our Honey Ginger or White Balsamic vinegars for tart-sweet dressings for salads. For the most simple salad ever, halve and pit a large, ripe avocado. Drizzle a spoonful of Persian Lime olive oil in the middle. Eat with a spoon.

375 ml Glass Bottle  $17.00