Galega Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Galega Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Galega olives have a sweet, delicate, fruity flavor, in contrast to the green, rich and “fleshy” Manzanilla olives from Spain, or the darker “meaty” taste of Greek Kalamata olives.

Harvested early in the season, delicate and creamy Galega olive oil has notes of apple peel, strawberry, and almond. It is lightly pungent, of mild-to-medium intensity, with a nice level of bitterness and a slight peppery finish. Galega olive oil has a low FFA*, and very low acidity, with a high smoke point.

Galega olive oil pairs with any balsamic vinegar for a summer vinaigrette. Use it on the grill - it pairs with vegetables and meats perfectly. Finally, this oil is mild enough to be used in baking!

Olive Oil, comes from olives, which are the fruit of the hardy, long-lived olive tree. Olive oil is a hugely popular oil throughout the world, both for cooking and for eating as a condiment [like a salad dressing, or a bread dip, or in a sauce] with foods. Extra virgin olive oil is considered by most people to be the highest-quality olive oil, with the finest taste and texture.

Choosing an olive oil can be similar to selecting a wine. The flavor of these oils vary considerably and a particular oil may be more suited for a particular dish, depending on whether you are pan-frying, sauteing, stir-frying, grilling or baking... or whether you are using the oil for marinades, dips, and dressings. If uncompromised by heat, the flavor of the olive oil is stronger.

*Free Fatty Acids (FFA) refers to the condition of the olive fruit at the time when it is crushed into olive oil. The lower the FFA, the better the olive oil.

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