Chipotle Olive Oil

Chipotle Olive Oil

Chipotles are ripened, smoked jalapeno peppers used primarily in Mexican-inspired cuisine. This slow smoking of the jalapeno peppers creates a medium-hot chipotle chile, which adds a nice zip with a complex smoky & spicy flavor to whatever you are cooking.

The smoky flavor of our Chipotle Chili Infused Olive Oil is great for marinating steaks and brushing on grilled chicken or seafood. Chipotle Olive Oil has just the right amount of heat!

The slow-smoked Chipotle chile traces its use back to region that is now northern Mexico City, prior to the Aztec civilization. Chipotle Olive Oil is ideal for use in flavoring soups, stews, beans, chilis, or other recipes that simmer a long while on a low heat. Add some to your chili, sauces, and moles, or as a unique addition to corn bread and barbecue.

Use Chipotle Olive Oil to marinate steak before grilling, or drizzle over grilled vegetables. Put a little Chipotle Olive Oil on pizza or to dress sub sandwiches. Chipotle Olive Oil brings a touch of southwest to your chicken, beef or seafood. Excellent dipping oil or finish oil for soups, pasta or grain dishes. Wonderful base for dressings and marinades - combine Chipotle Olive Oil with Pomegranate, or White Peach Balsamic vinegar -- or with our Blood Orange Olive Oil for an outstanding taste.

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