Basil Olive Oil

Basil Olive Oil

Our Basil oil has beautiful fresh, green herb taste. Basil and olive oil are two of the key ingredients that form the whole basis of Mediterranean cuisine -- it just made sense that we should blend the two together for a wonderful, sunny, summery oil.

Olive oil is a hugely popular oil throughout the world, both for cooking and for eating as a condiment [like a salad dressing, or a bread dip, or in a sauce] with foods. The olive tree is native to the area which is modern-day Iraq and Iran, but today we most closely associate the olive, and olive oil, with the cuisine of the Mediterranean, from the Levant and North Africa through Greece, Italy, and southern Europe.

Basil is one of the most popular culinary herbs, and one of the most versatile. Basil features prominently in Mediterranean [Italian, Greek, North African] cooking, along with the cuisines of Asia, especially Thailand and Vietnam.

Like Basil and Olive Oil as separate ingredients, use Basil Oil liberally in veal, lamb, fish, poultry, white bean, pasta, rice, tomatoes, cheese and egg dishes. Basil and olive oil pair deliciously well with garlic, thyme and lemon. Basil and olive oil add zip to mild vegetables like zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, or potatoes, and to the soups, stews and sauces in which these vegetables appear.

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