Thyme Leaf

Thyme Leaf

Thyme is one of the oldest cultivated herbs, used in the cradle of civilization. Thyme leaves have a deep green color, and a smooth, fresh aroma that finds its way into a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes.

Indigenous to the Mediterranean, thyme leaf was used by ancient Egyptians for embalming. Ancient Greeks viewed thyme as a source of courage. In the past few centures, thyme was used to treat melancholy and reproductive challenges -- and also to counteract hangovers.

Today, thyme is a core ingredient in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean [European and North African], Caribbean and American cuisine. Thyme is an essential component of bouquets garnis, and of Herbes de Provence.

Thyme is an important spice in clam chowder, on roast chicken or pork, and in many soups and stews, including those that use beans or lentils. Thyme blends well with many dishes: Meats, vegetables, breads, tomato sauces, flavored vinegar and infused oils. Stuffings and heavier dishes benefit from thyme. Try thyme with fresh tomatoes, or in your next egg or custard recipe.

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