Peppermint, Crushed

Peppermint, Crushed

Peppermint has a distinctive minty flavor and aroma. Whereas spearmint has a clear, pungent, mild aroma, and is used in salads, meat and vegetable dishes, peppermint has a "warmer" mint flavor and is widely used in making candies, desserts and chocolate sauces. Peppermint is the oldest and most popular flavor for mint confectionery.

Indigenous to Europe, peppermint grows "like a weed" throughout many parts of the world. Peppermint and its extract have been used traditionally to aid digestion, and to relieve abdominal cramps and nausea. Recent scientific studies have shown that peppermint's aroma enhances memory among test-taking students.

Use Crushed Peppermint to create your own ice cream, yogurts, jellies, and teas. Mix it into your couscous or tabbouleh salads or into your next marinade. Perfect and refreshing for the hottest of days with its cool and crisp flavor profile.

0.5 oz. 1/4 Cup Jar  $2.60 
0.8 oz. 1/2 Cup Jar  $4.20 
0.8 oz. 1/2 Cup Bag  $3.40 
16 oz. Bag  $13.35 

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