Ready-Set-Go! Gift Box

Ready-Set-Go! Gift Box

The Ready Set Go collection consists of the six herbs and spices no kitchen should do without: Kosher Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Premium Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Mediterranean Oregano, and Thymel Leaf. With the six basic components of the Ready Set Go set, you can make spaghetti sauce, pizza, soup, burgers, or tacos, among many other recipes. Give the budding chef the tools they need to make every simple dish a big hit!

Kosher salt has a saltier, cleaner, and less chemical taste than ordinary table salt. Kosher salt is free of iodine [a common ingredient in regular table salt], which can react badly with some foods. Kosher salt is the go-to ingredient for making marinades, in canning and pickling recipes. Kosher salt is the salt you typically find on top of soft pretzels and on the rims of margarita glasses. Kosher salt is an inexpensive staple for everyday cooking.

Black pepper is spicier than white pepper. Black Pepper gives off a warm and spicy flavor, and can be used to season almost any dish, cold or hot. Coarse black pepper is wonderful sprinkled on top of salads and pasta, or rubbed into meat before grilling.

Americans know paprika best as that red stuff you sprinkle on top of deviled eggs, but paprika is so much more versatile! Paprika is delicious on simple baked chicken and fish, vegetables, soups and stews, in marinades and salad dressings, all kinds of Mediterranean cooking.

Garlic is essential in the robust cookery of the Mediterranean region, is indispensable to Indian cookery and is widely used in China and South East Asia. Finely textured garlic powder has a flour-like quality, blending invisibly into any recipe calling out for garlic flavor.

Mediterranean oregano is milder and more minty than its Mexican counterpart. For Italian, Greek, and other recipes of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, choose the sweet, strong flavor of Mediterranean oregano. Oregano should be added in the *beginning* of cooking, so the flavor has time to emerge and blend with the other flavors of the dish. Add oregano while browning garlic, onions or and/or beef for both spaghetti sauce and chili.

Thyme blends well with many dishes: Meats, vegetables, breads, tomato sauces, flavored vinegar and infused oils. Stuffings and heavier dishes benefit from thyme. Try thyme with fresh tomatoes, or in your next egg or custard recipe.

***Sometimes we have to substitute a product in a gift box for another one of similarity due to availability. We strive to keep our gift boxes consistent to what is listed above.***

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