POP[CORN]! Gift Box

POP[CORN]! Gift Box

Pour a quarter-cup of hard, kernels into a pan of sizzling hot oil, and snacks magically appear.

How does this magic work? As it turns out, it's not magic, it's science: when a popcorn kernel heats up to a temperature of 460 - 500°F, the moisture inside the kernel expands until the hard shell cannot withstand the pressure and explodes.

Here's the magical explanation: Native Americans believed that little spirits lived inside the kernels, who, when their "homes" were heated, were instantly disturbed and would angrily burst out of the kernels.

Whatever explanation you prefer, believe this: our POP[CORN]! Gift Box includes everything the popcorn fan needs: our Cheddar-Head, Tangy Herb & Dill, Sassy Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet Carmel Seasonings, and a bag of Iowa-grown white popcorn. But these savory seasonings are not just for popcorn.

Tangy Herb & Dill is a tangy blend of dill, parsley, pepper, buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion powder, with just a touch of sugar to tame the tang. Fantastic on popcorn, vegetables, garlic bread, baked potatoes, in chip dips, and on onion rings! For microwaved popcorn, sprinkle into bag after popping and reheat for 5 seconds. Contains Lactose. MSG- and Gluten-Free.

Cheddar-Head Seasoning - white cheddar cheese seasoning is incredible sprinkled over popcorn, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, and even grilled sweet corn. For microwaved popcorn, sprinkle into bag after popping and reheat for 5 seconds. Contains cheddar cheese, buttermilk, whey, salt, disodium phosphate (for acidity). No sugar. No MSG. Gluten-Free, too!

Sassy Salt and Vinegar Seasoning - The English do it best. This vinegar-and-salt combo also makes a great addition to homemade potato chips, baked potatoes or sour cream dip. Sprinkle over your warm popcorn and get ready to pucker up with this vinegar and sea salt mix. Blimey! Highly recommended for pirate movies.

Sweet Caramel Seasoning - We think Neil Diamond should write another fist pumpin' song about this too. (Get it? Sweet Car-a-mel, popcorn never seemed so good!) This delicious sticky-finger treat is great in whipped cream, over fresh fruit and for goodness sake, over your popcorn too.

Finally, we found a wonderful white popcorn grown by a local family right here in Carroll, Iowa, and added it to our POPCORN gift box for that special "Iowa Touch." All that popcorn flavor without all of the artificial stuff. Pop it in a brown paper bag in the microwave and top with your favorite seasoning or seasonings.

POP[CORN]! Gift Box  $26.00