Hellraising Hot Sauce Set

Hellraising Hot Sauce Set

For those who like it hot - really hot - we have created the Hellraising Hot Sauce box: four super-spicy, super-tasty sauces, guaranteed to bring the heat to your favorite dishes.

Hellraising Hot Sauces are made by a Des Moines native (who now lives up in Minneapolis). AllSpice is proud to be the exclusive source for these spicy sauces.

There are 4 sauces in the Hellraising box to tantalize your taste buds:
Forbidden Fruit (pretty hot) is a blend of sweet red jalapenos with hint of apple and cinnamon.
Green Fever (hot) is Serrano chile pepper and lime, with a bright citrus flavor and a sharp heat.
Sweet Suffering (hotter) is pineapple and habaņero chile pepper, with a little onion and garlic thrown in for good measure. This one is great with the sweet and the heat.
Triple Inferno (very hottest) is habaņero, jalapeņo, and serrano chile peppers.

Treat your heat-loving friends (or treat yourself!) to this treasure trove of hot sauces.

Hellraising Hot Sauce Set  $28.00