Chomp and Circumstance Gift Box

Chomp and Circumstance Gift Box

Have a student in your life who's just moved away to college? Got a twentysomething who's setting up housekeeping in their first "real" place of their own?

Our brand spankin' new Chomp and Circumstance gift box is geared to the needs of these young adults, heading off to college or living on their own for the first time.

Chomp and Circumstance consists of six 1/4 Cup jars of flavorful seasoning blends, each one perfectly suited for bumping up simple foods to the next level: Five Onion Dip Seasoning, Gusto Pizza Co Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Cheddar-Head Seasoning, Shichimi Seven Flavor Blend, and top it off with Caramel Sugar.

Say your kid's not much of a cook? We thought that might happen, so don't worry; each jar will have a sticker on the lid, with ideas for easy use.

Perfectly suited to send as a care package, Chomp and Circumstance comes with a little gift card (we like to call it "The Graduate's Guide to College Cuisine"), in a nicely-packed box. Order through the AllSpice online store (or just ask us nicely), and we can even ship it for you!

Chomp and Circumstance Gift Box  $19.20 
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