Caliente Gift Box

Caliente Gift Box

The whole range of the Scoville Scale takes up residence in this box. From hot, to hotter, to "I'm going to stiill be feeling this in the morning" HOT, HOTTEST! In this box, there is something caliente for everyone.*

(Picky eaters, scaredy-cats, and children under age three not included).

This box has an assortment of powdered, crushed, and smoked chiles. We've hand selected our favorites. Easy-to-use, and an easy way to add a touch of extra heat to recipes. It can change up an ordinary dish to something new and exciting. Adding only as much as you like, a pinch at a time gives you the control to make the dish to your taste.

These chiles are great used in barbecue rubs, seasonings, smoked meats, or as a "finishing" pepper over your grilled or roasted vegetables and meats. A great addition to your favorite sauce, chili, or stew. Any one of these chiles will help you take your salsa to a brand new level.

We said "change up the ordinary," didn't we? An AllSpice staff secret is adding a pinch over eggs in the morning, making it more complete by supercharging those huevos rancheros with a few extra kicks. Sprinkle over your buttered and salted popcorn for an evening treat or spice up some dark chocolate sauce and serve with ice cream.

Contains: Serrano Chile, New Mexico Chile, Ancho Chile, Pasilla Chile, Chipotle Morita Chile, and Cayenne.

Caliente Gift Box  $25.00 
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