Barnyard (Moo-Cluck-Oink Combo Set)

Barnyard (Moo-Cluck-Oink Combo Set)

Just like Old MacDonald's quintessential barnyard, the Barnyard collection from Allspice runs the gamut from chickens and other poultry to cows and pigs. A terrific gift of fresh ideas and flavors for the experienced chef -- the Barnyard also gives the novice cook some "secret weapons" for creating delicious main dishes with ease. The Barnyard collection consists of Pig Powder, Mesquite Barbecue Rub, Bourbon Pepper, New York Steak and Burger Blend, Red Rooster and Berbere Spice blends.

Use our Pig Powder Rub for perfect Memphis-style ribs using this simple technique: liberal application to the meat, and long, slow cooking over a low, steady heat. Try Pig Powder Rub on pork ribs, Boston butts [for pulled pork], on picnic hams, and shoulder roasts. Don't be stingy - pack it on for great flavor - make a paste with one of our citrus olive oils, rub, and grill.

Pronounced ber-beray, the Berbere Spice Blend is a popular spice mix and key ingredient in the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea. We make it from a heady mix of ginger, chilis, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper garlic, allspice, red pepper, and other spices. Use as a rub for red meat or poultry.

Our Mesquite Barbecue Rub is great on beef brisket, pork shoulder, roasts of all kinds, chicken, or turkey. Mesquite Barbecue Rub is ideal for meats that call for a long cooking time, or for a high-temperature roasting.

Our Bourbon Pepper is a blend of premium green and black peppercorns, melded with herbs, spices, and real bourbon. The mellow green peppercorns counterbalance the sharper black pepper and bring out the delicious flavor of the bourbon. Bourbon pepper blend is a fantastic rub for steaks and roasts.

New York Steak and Burger Seasoning brings the familiar and delicious flavors associated with the famous [short loin] steak to your kitchen or grill. Bursting with the flavor of Worcestershire, this tangy mix brings out the best in steaks and hamburgers. A zesty mix of black pepper, garlic, and other strong spices that complement beef on the grill.

Red Rooster Rub has a complex flavor profile, with bold paprika and dusky sage, along with a tasty blend of other herbs and spices. You can use Red Rooster Rub on beef, or pork -- but it's with chicken that Red Rooster Rub really works its magic.

Barnyard (Moo-Cluck-Oink Combo Set)  $24.00