A Busy Cook's Guide To Spices
In over 50 years as an adult, you will prepare over 18,250 dinners. Here are numerous ideas on how to enhance the 10-20 standard meals you prepare using any of the more than 100 different flavorings listed.
@  $22.98 
Hellraising Hot Sauce Set
For those who like it hot - really hot - we have created the Hellraising Hot Sauce box: four super-spicy, super-tasty sauces, guaranteed to bring the heat to your favorite dishes. There are 4 sauces in the Hellraising box: Forbidden Fruit, Green Fever, Sweet Suffering, and Triple Inferno hot sauces guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds.
@  $28.00 
AllSpice Spice Rack
Our all wood spice rack is made by hand and has a beautiful rich finish. It measures 13.75"w x 5.75"h x 8"d and holds 15 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup jars. Great way to display those go to spices on the counter or a beautiful display on a shelf. Made of both dark and light wood.
@  $45.00 
Host Gift Set
The AllSpice Host Gift Set is unassuming: not too big, not too small, it’s a “just right”-sized bundle of three little ingredients with big, big Italian flavor.
@  $18.00 
As Old As Time Cook Book
Author Michele Castellano give you 65 easy and tasty recipes using flavored oils and balsamic vinegars. As Old As Time invites you to make healthy and delicious foods a part of your live with 65 full-flavored recipes, along with simple variations for even more menu options.
@  $24.95 
Mama's Homestyle Gift Box
I remember Mama — or maybe more accurately, I remember Mama’s cooking. Don’t you? Our favorite of her dishes — chili, meatloaf, spaghetti, burgers, tacos, chicken — were so tried-and-true, she didn’t even have to follow a recipe.
@  $20.00 
Baker's Dozen Gift Set
The Baker's Dozen collection is the comprehensive "starter kit" for the newlywed, recent graduate, or for someone moving to their first apartment or home. Containing the very best-of-the-best ingredients, this set contains everything needed to start the new baker right!
@  $55.00 
Nothing Beats A Good Rub Apron
Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet says: To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub… But for you, the best rub is the one you use to bake, roast and grill delicious meat, poultry and fish.
@  $25.00 
Barnyard (Moo-Cluck-Oink Combo Set)
Just like Old MacDonald's quintessential barnyard, our Barnyard collection runs the gamut from poultry to beef to pork. A terrific gift of fresh ideas and flavors for the experienced chef -- the Barnyard also gives the novice cook some "secret weapons" for creating delicious main dishes with ease.
@  $24.00 
OliveYou Apron
Whether it is holiday, special occasion, or just the right time to tell someone that you love them, this apron makes a lovely - and loving - gift. Tell someone you really care for them: surprise them with an apron that says, "OliveYou," and hope they "OliveYou," too.
@  $25.00 
Basting & BBQ Set
Baste like a chef! Our revolutionary basting set resides next to your stovetop and provides quick and easy one-handed access for brushing a perfectly thin coat of oil onto your sauté pan or basting your roasted poultry with delicious juices.
@  $16.00 
POP[CORN]! Gift Box
Our POP[CORN]! Gift Box includes everything the popcorn foodie needs: A bag of locally-grown POPCORN!, along with our Cheddar-Head, Tangy Herb & Dill, Sassy Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet Carmel Seasonings. But these savory seasonings are not just for popcorn.
@  $26.00 
Bayou Set
A set of Oil and Spices great for making wonderful Creole dishes, such as jambalaya, étouffée, or dirty rice.
@  $18.00 
Ready-Set-Go! Gift Box
The Ready Set Go collection consists of the six herbs and spices no kitchen should do without: Kosher Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Premium Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Mediterranean Oregano, and Thymel Leaf. Give the budding chef the tools they need to make every simple dish a big hit!
@  $16.00 
BBQ Sweet, Spicy, and All Up In Your Grill
If you want to win the heart (or at least the grudging respect) of that grilling gourmand, you're going to have to give them a gift that respects the "better than average" depth and breadth of their BBQ knowledge.
@  $36.00 
Rise & Shine
Are you a morning person? Do you like to sleep in whenever you can? Do you love a hearty breakfast almost as much as you love brunch? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, you’ll want to grab a Rise and Shine box, a balanced set of half a dozen blends for making your favorite morning foods.
@  $20.00 
Big Dipper Gift Box
The Big Dipper boxed set brings you five yummy ingredients for creating a fast-flavorful-fabulously elegant olive oil dip for your baguettes and artisanal breads, Ammazza Suocera, California Salad Herbs, Gusto Pizza Co Seasoning, Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.
@  $30.00 
Salt Cellar
Our beautiful hand-crafted oak and walnut salt cellars are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It holds approximately 1/4 cup of salt or pepper, it ships with 1/4 cup kosher salt. The cover keeps the contents dry and clean and it is a pretty enough to have out on the counter.
@  $19.50 
Bloody Mary Kit
A zippy set of spices, salts, and peppers, with a Hellraising Hot Sauce to punch up your Bloody Mary. The kit includes Celery Salt, Smoked Black Pepper, Sriracha Sea Salt, and Worcestershire Powder. We add a Hellraisng Hot Sauce to round out this wonderful gift pack. Includes a recipe for our favorite Bloody Mary.
@  $20.00 
Salts of the Earth Gift Box
Salts of the Earth is a set of six 1/4-Cup jars of some of our favorite salts: Espresso Brava Salt, French Provencial Salt, Habanero Pepper Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Lime Fresco Salt, and Smoked Bacon Salt. These salts can be used to perk up your sweet and savory favorites.
@  $36.00 
Caliente Gift Box
The whole range of the Scoville Scale takes up residence in this box. From hot, to hotter, to "I'm going to stiill be feeling this in the morning" HOT, HOTTEST! In this box, there is something caliente for everyone.*

@  $25.00 
Self-Closing Pour Spout (Silver)
This beautiful silver pour spout is both pretty and functional when you want a nice, slow, tidy stream stream of olive oil or vinegar. The weighted cap opens as the bottle is tipped and closes gently once the bottle is returned to the upright position. A nice addition to a gift purchase of olive oil or vinegar.
@  $5.00 
Chomp and Circumstance Gift Box
Have a student in your life who's just moved away to college? Got a twentysomething who's setting up housekeeping in their first "real" place of their own?
Our brand spankin' new Chomp and Circumstance gift box is geared to the needs of these young adults, heading off to college or living on their own for the first time.
@  $19.20 
Shaker Lid and 4 oz Jar
Sprinkle and shake your AllSpice ingredients, and store your own blends you create in this 4oz jar, which holds the same amount as our 1/2 Cup jars and refill bags.
@  $1.25 
Des Moines Local Flavors Gift Box
What if we told you, you could enjoy some of Des Moines' most celebrated foods, in your own kitchen, anywhere in the world? The Des Moines Local Flavors gift box gathers four one-of-a-kind Des Moines spice blends for your own Des Moines experience anywhere you go.
@  $27.00 
Shaker Lid For 1/4 Cup AllSpice Jars
This economical shaker lid turns your 1/4 Cup AllSpice ingredient jar into a handy sprinkler-shaker jar.
@  $0.75 
Double Salt Cellar
Just like our single salt cellars, these are hand crafted out of solid wood. This one is larger in size and can hold 2 different kinds of salt or salt and pepper. A wonderful mix of light and dark woods makes this an attractive piece next to anyone's stove.
@  $35.00 
Spicy Nuts Kit
The AllSpice Spicy Nuts Kit is a delicious blend of spicy, savory, and sweet all rolled into one! This gift set includes, Ground Cumin, Medium Chili Powder, Korintje Ground Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper and an easy-to-make spiced nut recipe.
@  $10.00 
Everything But... Gift Box
The full Everything But... collection consists of the fifteen herbs and spices no kitchen should do without! Makes a thoughtful wedding, graduation, or housewarming gift! Could maybe even serve as a birthday gift to your Great Aunt Edith. (We all know she's still using spice tins from the Eisenhower years.)
@  $36.00 
Splash Gift Box Set
We all know that we should be eating more fish and seafood, that it is high in protein and Omega-3's, and low in the kinds of fats and cholesterols that aren't so good for us. But if you need a little help enjoying these healthy foods or if you are looking for some fresh new ways to enjoy old favorites, try our Splash Gift Set.
@  $20.00 
Extra Virginity
By author Tom Mueller The SUBLIME and SCANDALOUS WORLD of OLIVE OIL. Tom worked closely with our Olive Oil supplier understanding the importance of fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its healthy benefits. Paperback
@  $16.95 
Tapi Pour Spout And Cap
Tapi Pour Spout? What is a Tapi Pour Spout, you ask? Well, we say it is a functional pour spout that allows you to pour oil or vinegar without it dripping down the side of our beautiful bottles. It provides a nice controlled stream and has an easy-to-use cap which makes it convenient to use while cooking.
@  $1.00 
Fall Harvest Gift Box [Autumnal Flavors]
Whether you grew up in the city or out in the sticks, thoughts of Fall harvest evoke vivd memories: cold clear nights and the smell of burning leaves. For us, it's coming into a warm, bright house, and being enveloped by the delicious smells of autumn: apples and pumpkins, cloves and cinnamon.
@  $15.00 
Time After Time Cookbook
Castellano's latest book, Time After Time, takes the reader on a "farm-to-table culinary journey" using what the author calls "life-giving" ingredients. It's a great look at choosing just the right balsamics and olive oils to bring out the best in seasonal produce and locally-sourced meats.
@  $24.95 
Gobble [Turkey Thyme Brining Kit]
Imagine this: you're having your annual feast, and this year it's *your* turn to host and cook the bird. You're an experienced cook, but your guests are, too. You need a good new idea, something to kick the festivities up a notch. But how do you do manage to make this year's feast the Best One Ever?
@  $28.00 
Triple Ginger Cookie Kit
This is not your grandma's ginger snap! This triple-ginger delight is more like a soft, pillowy spice cookie heaven. We give you all the ground spices you need to make this delicious treat. Korintje Ground Cinnamon, Ginger Powder, Crystallized Diced Ginger, and Ground Cloves. The cookie recipe tags along on an enclosed card.

@  $10.00 
Gourmet Cruet
We're rolling out our new drip-free Gourmet Cruet! With its carefully engineered soft-lipped pour spout, it ensures no greasy spots or rings on your best tablecloth or good silk shirt.
@  $7.00 
Updated Veg Out!
Check out this updated gift box for the vegetable lover in your family. Set contains 6 of our favorite blends for veggies, extra flavorful blends to kick up those vegetables to the next level of fabulous. We redesigned this box to make it a bit more simple.
@  $22.00 
Gourmet Cruet Set with Chrome Carrier
Check out our new drip-free Gourmet Cruet Set! Two carefully engineered, soft-lipped 100 ml cruets in a stylish chrome holder/stand. Perfect for your favorite olive oil and balsamic. Easy to cart from the stove, to the table, and out by the grill on the deck or patio.
@  $20.00 
Wild Animal
Call of the Wild. Perhaps you are a seasonal hunter for deer, pheasant, wild turkey or other game. Or maybe you have a taste for more exotic (but store-bought) fare like emu, elk, or ostrich.
@  $24.00 

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