Chipotle Morita Chile

Chipotle Morita Chile

Chipotles are ripened, smoked jalapeno peppers. Chipotle Morita, or "blackberry" chile, comes from slowly smoking red ripe jalapenos over a wood fire -- but only until the chiles just are barely dried out. [By contrast, the Brown Chipotle chile, also known as "Chipotle Meco," is a red jalapeno smoked over a wood fire for a long time, until the pepper is light brown and very smoky.]

Chipotle Morita Chile is also sometimes called "Chipotle Colorado," "Mora Chile," and "Black Dash red chile." A [some would say] more attractive and colorful chile than the brown chipotles, Moritas have a flavor that is full and fruity, with tobacco and chocolate tones.

Dried and crushed Chipotle chiles are ideal for use in soups, stews, beans, chilis, or other recipes that simmer a long while on a low heat. Crushed Chipotle chiles are also a delicious alternative to pizza red pepper flakes. Add some to your chili, sauces, and moles, or as a unique addition to corn bread and barbecue.

Just a little sprinkle of Chipotle Morita brings a kick to vegetables, meats, and sauces. The fruity undertones of Moritas are delicious with tomato or pork dishes. Add to chili, sauces, and moles. Medium heat.

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